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Our mission is to lead the shift to renewable energy by offering comprehensive renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development solutions that will drive a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future.

AGT is a Commercial solar installation in Orlando that works tirelessly to help you take your business to the next level of sustainability by providing the tools you need to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. Start your journey to a greener future with Advanced Green Technologies!


What are the benefits of solar energy for businesses?

Cost Effective

Solar energy is capable of providing countless solar energy benefits for businesses, one of the most important of which is that it reduces their dependence on traditional energy sources, making it possible to save significantly on electricity bills, which can be especially valuable for businesses due to the high cost of energy in Orlando.

Improves Environment

Businesses, by using solar energy to run their operations, can help reduce their carbon footprint, thus contributing to an increasingly green and sustainable in the area. In addition, implementing solar panels can enhance a company’s reputation by being recognized as an environmentally responsible organization, allowing you to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Why choose Advanced Green Technologies?

There are numerous reasons why our commercial solar contractor Orlando is recommended for businesses. The main one is that their team of professionals has a deep understanding of the city’s climate, energy system, energy regulations, and building codes that allows them to provide solar solutions optimized to your specific conditions.

In addition, our commercial solar contractor Orlando is recognized for providing excellent customer service from inception to completion of each project. Their commitment to quality makes them a trusted partner for Orlando businesses looking to harness solar energy and support the city’s sustainability efforts.

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Our Services

At AGT, we know that the key to improving the way businesses in the city work is to make the switch to solar energy, which allows them to reduce high energy consumption, save on electric bills, and change their image to the public, and even be leaders in the conscious change to solar energy Miami.

Solar Panel Installation

Advanced Green Technologies is the best solar company in Orlando. It provides a variety of comprehensive solar panel installation services for businesses in Orlando, from design to placement of solar panels in an efficient manner to ensure solar power generation and optimize the performance of your system.

Solar Farm Installation

Our team of professionals is responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining efficient and high-performance solar farm installations Orlando capable of generating a considerable amount of solar energy for your business. The service of solar farm installation Orlando offers customers a large-scale solution for harnessing solar energy.

Solar carport installation

Our AGT team combines vehicle protection with solar power generation by providing solar carport installation Orlando services in designing and installing parking structures covered with solar panels to charge your electric vehicles using renewable energy.

Electric vehicle charging station installation Miami

Advanced Green Technologies has professionals specializing in EV charging station installation Orlando responsible for designing and installing the proper charging stations to meet electric vehicle charging needs. Due to the increase of electric vehicles on the road, it is crucial to have an electric vehicle charging station Orlando.

Solar roof installation

We offer Florida residents the opportunity to make the most of the abundant sunshine at Solar Roof Installation Orlando. Our experts are ready to help you transition to a clean, sustainable, and economically intelligent energy source.

Our Team

Our specialists have a long history in commercial solar Orlando and are fully trained and certified. We ensure that all AGT professionals have experience in the design, installation, and maintenance systems of solar energy and stay up-to-date with the technologies and best practices in the field of renewable energy.

AGT works closely with clients to understand their business needs and energy goals. Based on this information, the specialists offer customized solutions tailored to each case, making it possible to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability goals. We aim to provide exceptional service and ensure customer satisfaction at every process stage.

Case Studies

Lockheed Martin Orlando Solar Carport

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) completed a 2-megawatt solar parking structure project for Lockheed Martin in Orlando, Florida, that consisted of the design and implementation of a parking lot at Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems facility. The purpose was to generate 3.41 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, representing approximately $370,000 in annual energy cost savings.

This EV charging station installation in Orlando is AGT’s second collaboration with Lockheed Martin, following the construction of a similar-sized solar parking structure near Clearwater, Florida, in 2015. The project has consistently met its energy production goals, demonstrating the partnership’s success.

Clint Sockman, Vice President of Advanced Roofing and AGT, expressed enthusiasm for working with Lockheed Martin on high-performance, energy-efficient projects and praised Lockheed Martin for pioneering the use of solar parking structures and providing a sustainable approach that benefits businesses, employees, and the environment.

The solar parking garage in east Orlando provides shelter for 592 cars and comprises four superstructures, 6,688 Hanwha SolarOne S-Series solar modules, and SunGrow inverters. The project began in November 2016 and was completed in multiple phases on an accelerated schedule.

100 Solar Canopy Installations for Florida Public Schools

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) was selected by a privately owned utility for the installation of solar canopies on over 100 public schools throughout the state of Florida. The program aims not only to generate power but also to provide an educational experience about solar energy to students.

The solar carport installation Orlando on school grounds is designed to house solar panels on top and harness solar energy to generate clean, renewable electricity. In addition to providing sustainable energy to the schools, the solar carports also serve an educational function by enabling students to learn about solar energy and its importance to the environment.

In selecting AGT for the Commercial solar installation Orlando, the utility recognized its expertise and ability to develop the project on a large scale. Its professionals worked collaboratively with the schools and the utility to design and install solar roofs efficiently and safely.

This case study highlights the importance of solar energy in the education sector and how it can benefit public schools in Florida by helping to reduce energy costs, educating students about renewable energy sources, and promoting sustainable practices. Ultimately, this pilot program seeks to boost Commercial energy savings Orlando and foster environmental awareness among students.

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