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What is Advanced Green Technologies?

AGT is a commercial solar contractor in Miami, dedicated to providing professional and expert support to commercial property owners in Miami to install photovoltaic systems of all types and guide them toward a brighter future with a lower carbon footprint. At AGT, we are committed to being part of the energy change of businesses to optimize the way they work without the high consumption of fossil fuels and with the maximum use of the characteristic Florida sun.

What are the benefits of solar energy for businesses?

There are several solar energy benefits for businesses; from an economic standpoint, it helps to lower electric bills significantly, and businesses can generate their energy to operate using an abundant resource in Florida, “the sun’s rays.” Businesses have a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source and do not have to rely on the high cost of fossil fuels.

Cost Effective

Although it is a significant investment at the outset, it is a long-term saving, with a life span of at least 20 to 25 years in which you can generate your energy, up to obtaining essential incentives such as “solar energy tax credits Miami” and “solar energy rebates Miami.”


Photovoltaic systems are a low-maintenance and reliable option, which, with installation by certified experts and routine inspections, work efficiently.

Improves Environment

The most crucial point is that switching to solar energy in Miami has a positive impact on the area, helps clean and improve air quality, and demonstrates a commitment to future generations.

Why choose Advanced Green Technologies?

We are licensed and certified solar contractors for the design, planning, management, and construction of solar energy solutions that prioritize and satisfy the real needs of businesses in Miami. We are considered the best solar company in Miami because our operations are performed under strict quality and safety protocols that guarantee the durability of each service.

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Our Services

At AGT, we know that the key to improving the way businesses in the city work is to make the switch to solar energy, which allows them to reduce high energy consumption, save on electric bills, and change their image to the public, and even be leaders in the conscious change to solar energy Miami.

Solar Panel Installation Miami

At AGT, we offer a fully customized solar panel installation in Miami process that is tailored to the energy needs of each commercial property. From the first contact, our team of professionals makes a comprehensive evaluation of the property to analyze the best solar equipment options for you. We work with high-quality equipment that is exceptionally resistant to the sun and humidity characteristic of Florida, which ensures the longevity and efficiency of the solar project.

Solar Farm Installation Miami

Our solar farm installation Miami is an ideal option for businesses that want to start generating clean energy by taking advantage of their large spaces. At AGT, we design solar farms using state-of-the-art, high-quality solar cells to ensure the highest solar gain at all times of the day to reduce energy dependency and greenhouse gas emissions from other non-renewable energy sources.

Solar carport installation Miami

Our team of certified technicians helps you design, manage, and install solar carports so you can take advantage of the high incidence of solar rays and start generating clean energy. Our solar carport installation Miami service allows you to increase the functionality of your property, taking advantage of the ample parking spaces in which, you have the cars protected from the sun while generating energy.

Electric vehicle charging station installation Miami

EV charging stations are a highly recommended option for commercial properties as they help them capture the attention of more and more visitors who have electric vehicles; it has a positive impact on the way they view your business and is an enhancement that raises the value of the property.

At AGT with industry leader Charging Point, we offer an electric vehicle charging station in Miami so that visitors, workers, and neighbors of your property have a friendly point to plug in and then be on their way.

Our Team


With 16 years of experience in the solar industry, our team of highly skilled professionals has the technical knowledge to design and install solar systems tailored to your business’ unique energy requirements. From planning, management, installation, and maintenance our solar engineers, electricians, cost estimators, project managers, and more will provide you with dedicated assistance focused on your needs (work schedules, budget, completion date).

We are recognized as the best solar company in Miami because we keep up to date with the latest advances in solar technology to offer the most efficient and reliable solutions. We are also NABCEP certified and accredited as solar contractors, general contractors, and electrical contractors, in addition to PE Licenses, guaranteeing that your solar project is managed responsibly and professionally.

Our Most Popular Solar Energy Projects

At AGT Commercial Solar Miami, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and building lasting relationships with our clients.

Check out some of our projects!

Frontline Insurance Lake Mary Solar Carport Net Zero

We successfully installed a 35,775-square-foot solar carport with an annual energy production of 986.5 MWh.

COSTEX Tractor Parts:

Florida’s second largest solar energy project, producing 2,240,000 MWh/year of clean energy. In addition, it represented an energy savings of $207,008.

Milestone Planning

We installed a 235.42 kW solar rooftop integrated with 596 modules that allow for the care and shelter of more than 150 homeless pets. 

United Therapeutics Jacksonville

We installed five solar carports (2,821 photovoltaic modules) that generate 50% of the unit’s energy to operate (1,400,000 watts).

You, too, can be part of carbon neutrality. Contact AGT and get affordable solar in Miami!


How much can I save if I install solar panels?

At AGT Commercial Solar Miami, we offer affordable solar Miami, which allows commercial property owners to purchase and install photovoltaic systems at the best value for their money. In addition, although these are high-quality, state-of-the-art products, which can represent a considerable investment, owners can apply for solar energy tax credits or solar energy rebates in Miami. They can get up to 30% tax credit for the total installation cost, as well as property tax rebates for upgrading the home with solar panels.

How do I know how many solar panels my company needs?

To find out how many panels you will need, a solar contractor needs to assess the area, learn about the energy needs of the property, and your expectations to determine the amount and the photovoltaic system options that can help you make the efficient transition to clean energy.

What happens if I generate more electricity than I consume?

There are multiple solar energy benefits for businesses; if your systems generate more energy than you consume monthly, you can store it in solar batteries that ensure the energy is not wasted. You can also automatically feed it back into the grid, which helps reduce local electricity consumption, and you can earn solar energy tax credits Miami.

How soon can I see my return on my investment?

The use of solar energy not only benefits the environment but also your finances. Through clean energy, you can reduce your monthly electricity bills by 50% to 90% or even eliminate them. In addition, you can enjoy incentives, tax credits (ITC 30%), exemptions to property sales tax, and solar equipment purchase tax.

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