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How to optimally manage solar project installations? How do we ensure the management of a professional, efficient, and highly qualified staff for each activity?

Many commercial solar companies seek external resources and personnel through outsourcing to delegate the completion of the activities related to their property such as electrical connections, cranes, sheet metal fabrication, HVAC installation or maintenance, etc.

However, the problem with this modality is that the teams and workers need to be coordinated; they work independently, which can slow down the completion of the project and reduce efficiency.

That is why Advanced Green Technologies is a solar contractor with different in-house divisions, allowing synchronized and highly qualified work to ensure the efficient completion of each phase of your solar project installations.

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What are in-house divisions?

In-house divisions refer to the internal capacity Advanced Green Technologies has to plan, manage, and execute different activities and operations related to solar project installations and personally take care of every detail. This way, our solar contractor has the necessary technological equipment and qualified personnel to execute each task professionally without looking for or delegating to external suppliers. 

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Why are in-house divisions important for solar project installations?

Having in-house divisions for all activities related to the management of solar project installations (inspections, project management, electricians, HVAC installation, sheet metal fabrication, waste collection and disposal, cranes, etc.) allows our company to have a higher level of control over each of these tasks, as operations are supervised, directed and performed under our direct control. 

One of the key points is that having these internal capabilities helps to reduce safety risks, as the operations are subject to strict quality standards, which mitigates the possibility of incidents. In addition, having our trained personnel available helps each team member understand the objective achieved with each solar installation project. This improves decision-making on how some activities should be managed for employees, as they have a broader vision of our work process and the services we provide.

How do Advanced Green Technologies' in-house divisions streamline solar project installations?

Our in-house divisions allow us to ensure a fully customized service precisely tailored to our customers’ energy needs and requirements, with dedicated advice, planning, and execution of each activity tailored to each customer. This gives us greater control over the materials, equipment to be used, methods to be employed, and the start and completion times of each task to maximize the efficiency of each commercial solar project.

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In-House Divisions to enhance our service!

At Advanced, we provide our clients with comprehensive service in their commercial solar projects to optimize their properties’ energy performance efficiently. For this, we count on the following:

Electrical Contractor

We are committed to providing comprehensive commercial solar services that effectively improve the energy efficiency of commercial properties in Florida, and electrical connections are critical to this process.

That’s why we at AGT are licensed electrical contractors in Florida.

Our services include:

  • Design of electrical networks and systems.
  • Installation of wiring and electrical connections.
  • Maintenance of electrical systems.

This is key in solar energy projects because having your electrical contractor makes it easier to identify the electrical needs of a commercial property and design an ideal system to meet them. It also allows for continuous monitoring and maintenance of your systems to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Our work earned us the Top Solar Contractor award from Solar Power World for several years (2013-2021).

Commercial Roofing

Advanced Green Technologies relies on Advanced Roofing Company Inc., our sister company, which has over 40 years of professional experience designing roofing solutions tailored to the needs of commercial businesses.

Our commercial roofing services include installing, maintaining, and repairing roofs for corporate, industrial, warehouses, shopping centers, and large-scale structures.

We are licensed commercial roofing, so we work under strict safety protocols and quality standards to build and design commercial roofs that protect your property against extreme weather conditions, improve the thermal insulation of your property, and make it more energy efficient.

Our service in the State of Florida has been awarded the Craftsmanship Award 2021 by CASF and the FRSA STAR Award (first place in 2017).

HVAC Contractor

We are a Class A HVAC contractor (Advanced Air Systems), so we help commercial property owners plan, design, and install climate control systems to optimize their buildings’ ventilation, heating, and indoor air purification.

Our HVAC contractor services include:

  • HVAC system installation: HVAC equipment, duct design and installation.
  • Maintenance: refrigerant levels, filter change, fans and vents cleaning.
  • Repair: Correct all problems with your air conditioning or heating, from a non-working part, a strange noise, or something more severe like refrigerant leakage that requires professional handling.

Our professional assistance helps you get the most out of energy to ensure indoor air quality so your systems work properly all year round.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We have state-of-the-art equipment, such as our plasma cutter for sheet metal fabrication. In this way, we help to produce materials needed for our solar projects and reduce the estimated costs to our customers. 

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we perform a technical process that includes the precise and uniform cutting, bending in curves or angles, stretching, and shaping of flat steel sheets to turn them into the structure or product we need according to the solar project or commercial roofing service we are working on. 

Performing this process within our company allows us to reduce waiting times for parts or materials and the additional costs of external suppliers and transportation.

Tower Cranes

At AGT, our approach to project efficiency is based on the meticulous control of each phase. To provide greater agility to the installation processes of roofing and solar projects, we have tower crane equipment that allows the fast and smooth transfer of heavy materials to the work area. 

Our fleet of tower cranes includes the following:

  • 5-ton boom trucks
  • 35-ton boom truck
  • 65-ton hydraulic crane.
  • 70-ton hydraulic crane.
  • 330-foot hydraulic cranes.

So, no matter how heavy the materials or how tall your commercial property is, we have a crane in our fleet for you. 

Trash Removal

When we tell you that our service is comprehensive and addresses every phase of the project, we mean everything, including the proper handling and disposal of all the debris generated during your construction project.

Our trash removal service includes:

  • Dumpsters of different sizes.
  • Roll-off trucks for trash removal. 

The great advantage of our trash removal division is that it prevents customers from having to seek outside help to remove the waste generated for fear of complaints or fines, reduces the possibility of risks due to the presence of materials in an inappropriate places, and allows your property to continue operating quickly without disturbing customers or visitors.

Lightening Protection

At Advanced, we are licensed contractors with over ten years of experience installing lightning protection systems in Florida. This allows commercial properties to prevent or minimize the damage caused by lightning strikes, typical in our state during the storm season. 

This service helps protect your structures, avoid electrical damage, and mitigate the risk of fires caused by lightning strikes. 

Our lightning protection service includes:

  • System design.
  • Installation of protection systems.
  • Recertification and maintenance.

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