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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

At AGT, we offer installation and maintenance services for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Florida for commercial properties. We recognize the importance of phasing out fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the continuity of life on the planet.

Through our partnership with ChargePoint, the EV charging solutions leader network, we pave the way for conscientious vehicle owners who have switched to clean energy sources. We offer commercial property owners throughout Florida high-tech equipment that is easy to use to satisfy the increasing demand for these services for buyers and tenants when choosing a place to live.

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Our Services

Our EV Charging Solutions for commercial customers meet the growing demand for installing and maintaining environmentally friendly charging points in commercial areas, allowing drivers a convenient and efficient supply of electric power for their vehicles wherever they go.

The high quality of our Commercial EV Charging services is thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment that allows owners to plug in their vehicle at work, at home, in a parking lot, etc., and get the power they need to get on their way without delay.

For commercial properties, whether apartments, multi-family dwellings, or businesses, the installation of EV charging solutions allows them to improve their offer in the real estate market since it considerably raises the cost of the property and makes it more attractive to future tenants and consumers.

At AGT, we provide services to commercial properties throughout Florida, including easy financing, implementation, and friendly support.

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Benefits of ChargePoint EV Charging Stations


Versatility and Compatibility

Our commercial EV charging services’ equipment offers a novel, reliable power supply network for different model electric vehicles, regardless of the brand, type of current needed, DC or AC, or the size of the battery. Owners have a reliable power source at any point in their journey.

Attraction and Engagement

Installing Florida EV Charging makes commercial properties more attractive and increases customer loyalty and staff retention as they have a place to recharge. It improves pricing and offerings for tenants and visitors.
It also increases the number of visits, as vehicle drivers receive real-time updates on the location of their EV Charging Station and the services it offers.

Value Enhancement

You are making your commercial property with EV charging amenities available to users and visitors. It is a critical factor that allows you to raise profitability and efficiency, whether you want to sell it or are considering acquiring new financing. This is included in the improvements, giving you a competitive advantage, generating recurring cash flow, and making life easier for future users.

Green Leadership

The installation of Florida EV Charging on commercial property is one of the decisions that demonstrates the owners’ vision and commitment to environmental transformation and motivates its employees and users to transition using sustainable energy sources.

Remote Management and Updates

The EV charging network equipment’s software allows you to have complete control, manage the equipment remotely, and track it in real-time, with valuable information on load management. In addition, it notifies you of any incidents.

Financial Incentives

The implementation of EV chargers offers owners a tax credit for 30% of the cost of the devices, plus $1000 for the installation price. Also, if the owners consider getting the loan, they can get a higher amount for the property.

The quality control measures we implement range from selecting high-quality components to professional installation, performance testing, and ongoing monitoring. This way, we ensure that every commercial solar system we install meets the highest quality standards and provides optimal long-term performance.

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Our Commitment to Green Technology

Partnership with ChargePoint

To expand our range of alternative energy solutions and services to commercial property owners in Florida, we have partnered with ChargePoint, the world’s largest EV charging network. This valuable collaboration allows us to provide first-class comprehensive services in the installation and maintenance of EV charging, with the use of high-quality technological equipment (hardware) and with the help of user-friendly software and an intuitive interface that offers 360º visibility on the operation of the equipment, so that users can operate it without complications and can access it from computers or mobile devices.

Together with ChargePoint, AGT will provide you with courteous and professional advice throughout the entire process of implementing your charging station, from selecting the equipment that will allow you to meet your green goals to the location, planning, and execution in the most user-friendly way possible.

Company-Owned Fort Lauderdale Charging Station

At AGT, we knew a change had to start at home, to motivate and show commitment to clean energy, so we installed our Fort Lauderdale Charging Station. The adoption process was straightforward, the selection and purchase were very convenient, and it improved the work experience for our employees and visitors with a backup for charging their vehicles.

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Today is a good day to take the first step towards switching to renewable energy! If you are interested and want more information about the Commercial EV Charging implementation process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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The use of electric vehicles has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. By 2040, 35% of all cars in the United States will use electricity as an energy source. Therefore, the demand for charging stations is expected to increase considerably in the coming years as they are much more than a passing trend.

This change is due to citizens’ awareness and the government’s motivation to use combustion engines that do not generate exhaust emissions that pollute the air. In addition, these vehicles are a more economical option in the long term, as they reduce the costs derived from traditional fuels such as gasoline and those derived from their maintenance.