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Advanced Green Technologies & ELM FieldSight

Publicly Procured Master Agreement Contract

Advanced Green Technologies Joins ELM MicroGrid’s Dealer Network,
Enhancing Access to Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions.

About ELM Company

Started in 1998, ELM Companies develops innovative and sophisticated solutions for energy and utility services that assure your compliance with regulations, improve your grid reliability, and streamline distribution. They have continuously built innovative technology solutions through direct utilities experience and understanding with:

  • ELM Utility Services: 1300+ fleet servicing over 3,000,000 tickets per year across the U.S. utility industry.
  • ELM MicroGrid: Battery energy storage systems implemented for utility companies, the U.S. Military, and large enterprises.
  • ELM LaunchPoint: Precise, cloud-based utility mapping that provides instant access to your infrastructure data.
  • ELM Solar: North American manufacturer and distributor for Naked Energy solar thermal solutions.

Contract Overview

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT), a leading provider of solar energy solutions in Florida and the Caribbean, is excited to announce its new partnership with ELM MicroGrid, a prominent figure in battery energy storage. This collaboration signifies a major milestone in expanding the availability of sustainable and resilient energy solutions across diverse sectors.
As a new member of ELM MicroGrid’s esteemed dealer network, AGT will now offer ELM’s state-of-the-art microgrid solutions and advanced energy management platform. This alliance will empower AGT to deliver comprehensive, scalable, and sustainable energy solutions, meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of commercial, and industrial clients.

“We are thrilled to welcome Advanced Green Technologies into our dealer network. AGT’s strong reputation and proven expertise in the solar energy industry make them a valuable addition to our team. Together, we are well-positioned to drive the adoption of resilient and efficient energy systems that promote sustainability and energy independence.”
– Aron Bowman, President of ELM MicroGrid.

Joining the ELM MicroGrid dealer network highlights AGT’s and ELM’s shared dedication to promoting clean energy initiatives. Customers will gain from the enhanced capabilities provided by ELM MicroGrid’s sophisticated energy technologies, including seamless integration of renewable energy sources, improved grid reliability, and optimized energy consumption. These advanced solutions not only lead to significant cost savings but also reduce environmental impact.

“Joining ELM MicroGrid’s dealer network is a significant milestone for us. This partnership enables us to expand our portfolio with innovative microgrid solutions that provide our clients with increased energy independence, resilience, and efficiency. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents and are confident that it will drive significant value for our customers.”
– Michael Kornahrens, President of Advanced Green Technologies.

This partnership is poised to accelerate growth and bolster both companies’ presence in the renewable energy market. AGT and ELM MicroGrid remain committed to pioneering innovative green technologies and supporting sustainable development for future generations.