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Notice of Award Contract

Advanced Green Technologies & Equalis Group

Publicly Procured Master Agreement Contract

The Cooperative Council of Governments (CCOG), an Equalis Group Lead Agency, issued RFP #COG2143 for Alternative and Renewable Energy Solutions on February 10, 2023, and subsequently entered into Contract #COG-2143A with Advanced Green Technologies (AGT).

About Equalis

Equalis Group is a Public Sector purchasing cooperative. Equalis delivers compliant, publicly procured cooperative agreements that Public Sector entities across the country can utilize to:

– quickly acquire the products and services they need;

– receive better pricing through the collective buying power of Equalis Group Members;

– save time through Equalis Group’s legal and compliant alternative to conducting their own resource-consuming solicitation process.

Equlis Group partners with two primary Lead Agencies, Region 10 Education Service Center (Region 10) in Texas and The Cooperative Council of Governments (CCOG) in Ohio, to conduct rigorous and transparent competitive public sector procurement processes for critical products and services. Winning suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers are selected based on both qualitative criteria and pricing. The Lead Agencies then establish compliant already-procured Master Agreements with the winning vendors available to all agencies that join Equalis Group.

Contract Overview

Equalis Group & Advanced Green Technologies One-Page Overview
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Entities Eligible to Purchase from Advanced
Roofing Inc. through the Master Agreement

The existing members of Equalis Group can access this contract option right away. Any public sector organization in the country has the opportunity to become a member of Equalis Group and start benefiting from any competitively solicited master agreement offered by Equalis Group. To join, they simply need to fill out the membership registration form. Once the form is completed, new members will promptly receive a fully signed copy of their registration via email and will be assigned a membership number within one to two days. There are no membership fees, charges, or commitments involved, and filling out the form takes less than five minutes.

Contract Documentation


Advanced Roofing, INC and Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) are market leaders in the solar and roofing space in the United States. We carry a 40 million per project and 150 million in total bonding capacity and have a 40-year history of profitable execution of our business. 2022 Sales Revenue exceeded 180 million dollars.

AGT has direct purchase material arrangements with all leading solar module, racking, and inverter manufacturers including Hanwha Q Cells, Jinko, Talesun, Canadian Solar, CPS, Sungrow, and Panelclaw.


AGT covers the entire SouthEast United States and our sister brand Advanced Roofing, INC has over 90 government-term contracts to offer solar services to. As Florida’s largest commercial solar contractor and IRA tax benefits, we already have over 20 MW of projects lined up looking for a procurement vehicle.


We hold licenses for the following trades: Roofing, General Contractor, Solar (PV), Electrical, HVAC, PE and we are NABCEP Certified.


AGT is a vertically integrated solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractor. We offer rooftop, carport, floating, and ground-mounted solar solutions in addition to EV charging and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). From design to commissioning to ongoing maintenance and reporting AGT handles all aspects of the process. We manufacturer of a custom line of carports at AGT and have been the solar carport leader in the SouthEast United States for 10 years building for Florida Power and Light, Lockheed Martin, Mayo Clinic, JP Morgan Chase, and Verizon. Our installation range from 100 KW rooftop installation to 5+ MW municipal solar arrays. We recently completed a 2 MW landfill solar installation for a municipal utility in Lake Worth Florida.

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