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Solar Carport Installation

Have you noticed that more and more people are installing solar carport solutions? Your neighbor, boss, and best friend, but why? Solar carports are emerging as a popular solution for vehicle protection and renewable energy generation, driven by the growing demand for cost-effective and sustainable options. More and more homeowners and commercial space owners want to reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources.

The rising energy cost has led property owners to explore new alternatives. Sustainable parking solutions provide shelter and protection for vehicles from the damaging effects of the sun and weather and generate clean, renewable energy by installing solar panels on the parking structure.

However, there are challenges to consider, such as the initial cost of installation, the design process, and subsequent installation to ensure optimal orientation and structural integrity of the solar panels.

Find out how AGT Solar Carport Specialist Florida helps you make a more comfortable transition to clean energy. 

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Solar Carport Specialist in Florida

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) is a leading solar carport design, procurement, and construction expert in high-wind and extreme meteorological areas such as Florida. We have several years of experience providing reliable and efficient solar solutions in challenging environments.

At AGT, we take a holistic approach to projects by managing the entire solar carport construction process from start to finish. From initial design and engineering to procuring high-quality materials and skilled construction, we ensure our clients a seamless and hassle-free experience. By offering an end-to-end solution, we eliminate the need for intermediaries, allowing for direct communication and efficient project execution.

In addition to our in-depth knowledge of local building codes and regulations, we ensure compliance and deliver robust green energy parking structures built to last.

Solar Carport Solutions

At AGT, we offer various residential and commercial solar carport solutions, varying in size, style, and finishes, allowing us to create fully customized projects that integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure and exterior decoration concept. 

Our work approach is based on achieving the seamless integration of sustainable parking solutions into existing areas that we carefully consider during the planning and design phases. We also consider the canopy’s orientation to optimize solar energy production, the placement of support columns to avoid interfering with parking spaces, and the integration of electrical systems for power distribution.

Learn more about the features of our solutions:

Solar Canopy Lighting:

We offer different styles and design options to elevate the aesthetics of your property so you can find that missing piece on your exterior. It can be equipped with an integrated solar canopy lighting system that can be strategically placed to ensure illuminated and safe parking areas at night.

Electric Car Charging Station:

You can also integrate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, supporting your commitment to sustainable transportation options. This feature allows EV owners to charge their cars conveniently while providing an additional incentive to adopt renewable energy.

Built to resist wind speeds up to 180 MPH:

Our carport solutions can withstand wind speeds up to 180 mph; we design these structures to meet the stringent requirements of high wind areas, ensuring the safety of vehicles and occupants.

Water Control Rain Deck:

This feature collects and redirects rainwater, helping to prevent pooling and potential damage to vehicles or the garage structure.

Custom Colors Available:

Both colors and finishes can be customized for cohesive and visually appealing integration into your property’s parking lot and brand image.

Security Camera Integration:

By incorporating surveillance technology, the garage area becomes safer for vehicles and people.

At AGT, we provide services to commercial properties throughout Florida, including easy financing, implementation, and friendly support.

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Commercial Solar Carport Benefits

What are the real business benefits of solar carport installation?  While specific challenges are associated with harnessing solar energy, such as the cost of purchasing and installing the equipment, it is a profitable investment in the long run. 

We list one by one the solar carport benefits that you could get by saying yes to clean energy sources:

Tax Incentives Available

Businesses owners can take advantage of various tax incentives for solar carports from a tax credit in the ISR of up to 30% of the total cost for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic equipment, sales tax exemptions, even solar rebates for each kW that stops consuming.

Generate Revenue from Parking

Commercials can generate clean, renewable energy and sell it to the grid or use it to offset their electricity costs.

Reduce Electricity Costs

Get substantial savings on electricity bills, especially in energy-hungry properties such as shopping malls, office complexes, and airports.

Increase Property Value

Renewable energy infrastructure such as photovoltaic systems are included, among the improvements that increase property value. In addition, the solar carport installation demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and can be attractive for potential investors or buyers who no longer must make this expense.

Protect Vehicles from Rain, Hail, and Sun Exposure

It helps save car maintenance expenses (cleaning or fixing paint). It can be valuable for businesses that depend on maintaining a professional image, such as car dealerships or rental companies.

Promote Sustainability

You can show your environmental responsibility and attract customers who actively support and prefer green establishments.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Lower greenhouse gas emissions by generating clean electricity and replacing fossil fuel-based energy sources.

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Why Choose Us?

Let’s see one by one the benefits of trusting Advanced Green Technologies for your solar carport design project!

  • Experience with Solar Carport Installations in High Wind Areas:

    Our team of experts understands the unique challenges of extreme weather conditions in Florida and ensures each carport is built to withstand high wind speeds, is safe, and can last many years.

  • Comprehensive Project Management:

    By taking full responsibility for the project, we maximize control, quality, and safety at every stage, from site inspections, permit applications, site preparation, equipment selection, materials, and branding to solar carport construction. 

  • Customized Solutions and Customer Satisfaction:

    At AGT, we prioritize personalized solutions to meet our clients’ needs and preferences. We work closely with our customers to meet their property’s or industry’s energy needs and tailor the solar carport design accordingly.

See Our Work!

We share with you two of the projects we have had the opportunity to manage successfully:

Lockheed Martin Orlando

A large 2MW project, which we developed in several phases and completed in 2016. AGT installed 6,688 solar modules, generating about 3.41 million kilowatts per hour. It implied an annual reduction in electricity costs of 370 thousand dollars

This is one of the state’s most significant green energy parking structures, protecting more than 592 vehicles.

Resolve Marine

It was a unique project that sought to optimize the electrical consumption of the property and the protection of 22 vehicles. After meticulous attention to the infrastructure conditions and the energy needs of the Resolve Marine office at AGT, we installed solar panels that generate 88,357 kWh, reducing the annual electric bill by $10,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions? Please find out more about our Parking lot solar panels.

How does the solar carport installation process work?

First, we assess the site’s suitability, including available space, orientation, and shading. Then, the design and engineering phase begins, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals. Once everything is in order, we will build the carport structure and install the solar panels. Finally, we made the electrical connections.

What maintenance is required for solar carports?

Solar carports require minimal maintenance—regular cleaning of the solar panels to remove dust and debris to ensure optimal performance. In addition, they need periodic inspections of the structure and electrical components.

What are the financial aspects of installing a solar carport?

While the initial investment may seem significant, solar carports can offer long-term cost savings by reducing electricity expenses and providing potential revenue from excess power generation. In addition, tax incentives for solar carports, rebates, and net metering programs can offset upfront costs and improve the project’s financial viability.

Can solar carports be customized to match branding or specific design requirements?

Yes. Customization options extend to color, lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, and integration with security systems, allowing companies to create a consistent, branded solar carport solution.

Can solar carports be integrated into existing parking lots without disrupting operations?

 Solar carports can be seamlessly integrated into existing parking lots without significantly disrupting operations. During installation, we carefully plan to minimize disruption to parking spaces and traffic flow.


Don’t doubt it anymore!

Solar carports offer many benefits to business owners, from tax incentives and revenue generation to cost savings on electricity expenses, increased property value, reduced carbon footprint, and promotion of sustainability. 

Remember that adopting parking lot solar panels showcases a commitment to renewable energy and positions your business as a forward-thinking and environmentally responsible entity.

Let’s take the first step to the clean energy transition!