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Operations & Maintenance

Efficient Solar System Monitoring Florida: Good Care for Excellent Performance! We ensure proactive solar system monitoring.

At Advanced Green Technologies, we know that our work does not end with installing solar panel equipment; it has just begun. To ensure each of our clients the maximum performance of their photovoltaic systems and the correct transition to alternative energies, we provide them with a real-time monitoring service of the operation of their equipment.

This proactive solar system monitoring allows them maximum critical data visibility to evaluate and correct performance, so you know what is working and what is not, what the issues are, and solve them quickly. The data provided includes the amount of solar radiation captured, angles of incidence, stored energy, and KW per minute consumption of the property so that the change to renewable energy is optimal.

How does our Solar system monitoring in Florida work?

Our monitoring system allows us to maximize the capture and production of solar energy. It will enable us to continuously adjust the angles at which solar energy is received according to the sun’s orientation during the day. This is crucial because there is a relationship between the exposure angle and the power generated, which makes the solar energy and electricity conversion process more agile.

Innovation in energy conversion

Our proactive solar system monitoring includes a hardware device connected to the solar panel equipment and software that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device, which shows the relevant data of the operation. It even lets you know the hours of the day in which the solar radiation is more significant and the best angle for the rays to hit the surface. It also allows to correct errors and creates a historical record to analyze the solar panel system’s performance.

Take control of any incident real fast!

Routine Maintenance Services

Improve Equipment Performance

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and adjustment of the connections at least twice a year can prevent the production and energy efficiency from dropping; you may even be wasting 8% of the solar energy that could be generated when the panel is not in excellent condition.

Extended Durability

In addition, if any cell has accumulated excessive dirt on its surface or weather conditions have caused a breakdown, the other cells must work harder to capture the solar energy needed, accelerating the deterioration of the equipment and affecting the owner’s investment.

Our routine solar maintenance services allow you to prolong the useful life of your equipment since we carry out periodic technical inspections that include the correct cleaning of your photovoltaic system and the verification of the connections, which helps to increase the amount of energy captured by the surface of the panels.

Renewable Energy System Servicing

At Advanced Green Technologies, we offer continuous and scheduled maintenance of your solar panel equipment; this helps keep them working efficiently and allows you to save between 50% and up to 70% of the monthly electricity bills, optimizing the property’s energy efficiency.

Our renewable energy system servicing includes:

✓ The cleaning of each cell with suitable and gentle materials, with low pressure, and
without corrosive elements.

✓ Technical inspection of the wiring system ensures the connections are in perfect
✓ Verification of inverters and batteries.

✓ Our trained personnel also perform all necessary repairs, replacements, and technical support in case of breakdowns.

This helps to meet the regulatory standards for the safety and performance of solar panels provided in Florida.

Emergency Solar Support Florida

Our team of technical experts is available to provide the necessary and immediate support for any incident that may arise with the operation of your solar panel system. We offer 24/7 attention in the Florida area to resolve emergencies quickly; we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to solve them quickly.

Fast response time for emergencies

Our emergency solar support Florida guarantees you have control of emergencies since we have the equipment and experience to solve them immediately. It allows us to know where the problem was that caused the failure with the operation, and your system can start working quickly.

We replace equipment quickly in the event of a breakdown

In case the emergency or problem cannot be solved remotely or with the intervention of our specialized work teams, the damaged equipment will be replaced so that you can continue to enjoy an efficient solar energy system.

Solar System Performance Optimization

Discover the advantages of our commercial solar energy upkeep for you!

Increased Efficiency

Our commercial solar energy upkeep will ensure the optimal performance of your solar panels, which translates into greater efficiency in the capture and conversion of solar energy per day to supply the energy consumption needs of your property.

It prevents more severe problems.

The solar system performance optimization service helps you detect and fix problems early, and ongoing maintenance helps extend the life of your solar panels. Regular inspections and preventive care help prevent further damage and maintain optimal energy production.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Regular maintenance can prevent costly problems and breakdowns. Early detection of faults and their prompt repair reduces the costs of major repairs or complete solar panel replacements.

Increased Profitability

Proper maintenance contributes to a higher return on investment in solar systems by maximizing energy production and reducing repair costs.

Environmental Sustainability

Properly maintaining solar panels promotes the use of clean and renewable energy, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Reporting and Analytics for Solar Panels

AGT offers solar panel owners specialized tools that allow the technical analysis of the large volume of data generated during the operation of each component that makes up your photovoltaic system (solar panels, sensors, weather stations, and operating system).

Solar Panel Maintenance Checklist

Reporting and analytics for solar tools allow for real-time data collection, analysis, processing, and storage. Due to its high capacity, the tool can segment and discard all the reacted information to extract the most relevant data about the operation of the equipment. This allows the creation of a historical record of conversion and energy consumption, which helps the user with the following:

Predictive maintenance

Accurate energy forecasting

Fault detection

Cost reduction

Energy consumption analysis

Improve decision-making

Our solar panel maintenance checklist starts by analyzing critical data from your solar panel system to identify different patterns in:

Solar Irradiance



Climatic conditions