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What is Advanced Green Technologies?

Advanced Green Technologies is a commercial solar Jacksonville, FL, company that offers professional advice and assistance to businesses in the area for the planning, management, and execution of their commercial solar installation projects. Our commitment to Jacksonville’s commercial properties is to pave the way to switch to renewable energy sources through photovoltaic systems so that they can work sustainably, thinking about future generations and the continuity of the planet.


Our Commercial solar installation Services

We provide commercial solar panel solutions designed to reduce carbon emissions in Jacksonville and make commercial properties more economical and eco-friendly.

Energy efficiency

Saving on fossil energy consumption

Renewable energy

Use of an inexhaustible source of energy.

Green Transportation

Electric vehicle stations stimulate the move towards less polluting forms of transportation.

Commercial Solar Innovation Jacksonville, FL

We are committed to the planet’s sustainability, and our main goal is to help public and private commercial properties in the Jacksonville area change how they operate, reducing their high dependence on fossil fuels.

To help them reduce their carbon footprint, we provide them with the latest generation of commercial solar panels with high-precision equipment that allows them to take full advantage of solar energy and cover the energy needs of their property. Due to their innovation, these photovoltaic systems are equipped with real-time monitoring software that allows you to visualize their performance, the incidence of solar rays, and the energy produced and stored to always ensure their correct operation.

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Our Services: Solar for commercial properties

Energy Efficiency

 At AGT, Jacksonville, we provide commercial properties with the latest commercial solar systems so that they can operate and perform all their operations and activities using the least amount of fossil energy and mitigate the negative impact on our environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Our commercial solar installation solutions allow you to generate, store, and consume energy using only the sun’s rays to simplify the switch to clean energy.

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Energy Audits

We do an assessment, analysis, and technical detailing to determine the energy efficiency of your commercial property, that is, the amount of energy your business needs to perform its activities and how it can continue to operate, lowering dependence on fossil energy. This is ideal to help you select solar solutions that genuinely meet your needs.


The solar solutions for commercial properties we offer at AGT include energy efficiency retrofits by eliminating existing equipment, such as HVAC systems, irrigation, insulation, solar panels, water heaters, etc., for newer, more energy-efficient ones. It allows owners to improve energy efficiency, operating costs, and electric bills, especially when it comes to several years old buildings.

Lighting Upgrades

At AGT, we replace and upgrade your lighting system and lamps to reduce energy consumption and boost efficiency. Although purchasing and installing this equipment can represent a considerable investment, it pays off in long-term savings on your bills. In addition, they improve the quality of your property’s lighting and are low-maintenance options.

Renewable Energy

We promote the use of energy sources based on the use of the sun and wind, which are resources capable of unlimited renewal and whose impact on the environment has a lower magnitude than when using finite resources such as fossil fuels, and do not emit polluting waste such as CO2 into the atmosphere.

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Commercial Solar System

At AGT, we have various solar solutions for commercial properties, from commercial solar panels to solar farms, solar carports, and EV charging stations. Each one of them allows the use of a clean energy source that impacts the planet, neither in its production nor in its use, and that has the added value that it can be renewed continuously without extinguishing the resource, which is the sun’s rays.


At AGT, we also advocate for the use of wind energy and all related technologies and applications that enable the conversion of kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical or electrical energy. Windmills & wind turbines are the two main categories of wind energy solutions equipment that use wind energy to generate electricity. Windmills are primarily used for mechanical water pumping.

Battery Storage Systems

Within the range of integral wind and solar solutions for businesses we offer, we include battery systems, which are innovative devices that allow the storage of renewable energy, i.e., energy captured and generated through photovoltaic cells or windmills and wind turbines, so that it can be used at any time.

Green Transportation

To consolidate a solar commercial system, we also promote and facilitate using vehicles that do not hurt the planet, such as traditional means of transportation that use fossil energy. At AGT, together with ChargePoint, we install EV charging stations so that electric vehicle owners have a place to charge their vehicles.

Our Team


A team of experienced and certified professionals

At AGT, we have a team of certified professionals with the technical knowledge to design, manipulate, and install solar for businesses under strict quality protocols. They also adapt to the energy needs of each commercial property. We are certified electricians, state-licensed contractors, and licensed roofers to provide dedicated and professional assistance for your needs.

Case Studies

We tell you about our most emblematic case studies in Jacksonville so you know what we could do at AGT for your commercial property, the scale, and scope of our projects, and why we are considered one of the most reliable commercial solar companies in the area.

United Therapeutics Jacksonville

The directors of the Jacksonville Therapeutics Unit wanted to make their institution sustainable. In addition to being excellent health support for the people in the area, they intended to become an example of change, promoting carbon neutrality. They also wanted their operation to help mitigate the effects of global warming. In this search process, they consulted several commercial solar companies until they contacted Advanced Green Technologies.


This project had a particular difficulty since the solar energy solution to be installed had to provide and store enough energy for the 24/7 operation of their pulmonary restoration center; a continuous supply of energy was vital. We designed, built, and installed five solar carports with steel structures to achieve this. The exteriors were prepared and conditioned for the work process. This project included:

  • The installation of 2,821 solar cells.
  • A total of 1,400,000 watts.
  • 16 inverters.
  • Lighting systems.
  • Solar energy data monitoring systems.

In 2019, the project culminated and, to date, continues to supply the therapeutic unit with 50% of the total energy it needs to operate, which translates to 50% less electricity bills and emission of CO2 per year.


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