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3 Reasons Why Your Businesses Should Install Solar in 2018


3 Reasons Why Your Businesses Should Install Solar in 2018

  1. 14% Reduction of the Corporate Tax Rate
  2. 100% Depreciation Bonus
  3. 30% Tax Credit Available

1. 14% Reduction of the Corporate Tax Rate

One of the most significant benefits of installing solar under the new tax plan is the reduction of the federal corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. An important deciding factor for businesses considering going solar is the increase in profits that can result.

While this historically low corporate tax rate brings new investable cash to the business world, it simultaneously produces a net increase in the cost of energy for the same business. Under the previous tax code, a $1,000 monthly power bill would be deducted as an operating expense at a 35% percent yielding a net cost of $650.00. Under the new code, that same $1,000.00 bill is deducted at a 21% rate generating a net power bill of $790.00. Your power bill is going up 21.5% regardless of the current utility rates from the operating tax deduction alone, making renewable energy more valuable than ever.

For increased savings, solar systems purchased outright with cash avoid the taxes that come with loan interest payments, making cash a more attractive option than financing. Add to that an increased rate of return each year as a result of the lower tax rate and solar becomes a viable investment for businesses.

2. 100% Bonus Depreciation

With depreciation now at 100 percent, a business can deduct the entire cost of the solar system in its first year rather than spread it out over a period of time. This allows corporations to take advantage of the tax savings now rather than in the future, resulting in growing returns from going solar as well as an increase in the total value of the project.

3. 30% Tax Credit Available

The federal solar tax credit allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal income taxes until 2020. You can also claim the tax credit as soon as the construction of the system begins. The tax credit and depreciation benefit can help reduce the system price by as much as 60 percent. Add that to savings from a reduced utility bill, and business owners are looking at a bright investment.

Seeing is Believing

Some of Florida’s largest businesses like Publix Supermarkets, Ed Morse, Lockheed Martin, and Advanced Roofing have installed solar on their properties, from rooftop installations to solar carports. Solar has short payback period, provide steady financial returns, and help business owner’s hedge against rising energy prices.   According to our data, Advanced Roofing paid on average $1,623.00 in monthly electricity bills before going solar. After the installation of an 84 kW solar carport at our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, our electricity bill is approximately $890.00 ­­– a 55% reduction.

How much money can solar save your business?

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AGT Named Florida’s Top Commercial Solar Contractor for 2015

Advanced Green Technologies Earns Top Solar Contractor Ranking


Ranked #1 in Florida for fourth consecutive year; 29th in the nation for commercial solar installations

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) earns the Top Commercial Solar Contractor ranking in the State of Florida for the fourth consecutive year, and 29th in the nation by Solar Power World for 2015, the solar industry’s leading media resource.

The top solar contractors’ list was created by Solar Power World four years ago to offer the industry an inside look at how solar companies stack up against one another. Starting with only 100 contractors in 2011 the list has grown to 500 for 2015 and broken down into multiple categories including residential, commercial and utility markets.

With more than 43 Megawatts installed for 2014, AGT leads the industry as the highest-volume commercial solar contractor in the State of Florida and 29th in the nation. This ranking is the fourth consecutive year that AGT has earned the top honor. Additionally,  the ranking marks an upward swing not only for the company but also for the Florida solar energy market as a whole, signifying demand for both rooftop and solar carport solutions. Rankings are based solely on annual kilowatts installed.

“We’re proud to continue to be the top commercial solar contractor in the state, building sustainable projects that help organizations meet their bottom line while producing clean energy,” said AGT President Michael Kornahrens.  The projects we completed in 2014 demonstrates solar energy’s potential to improve sustainability for Florida’s private sector and is a shining example of our company’s decades of experience handling complex projects in all sectors,”

The Solar Power World ranking came on the heels of another big honor for the company in 2015.  AGT’s sister company, Advanced Roofing Inc. was recognized by the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association with the First Place Award for Sustainability and the Best Overall Project of the Year Award for its roofing, waterproofing, and solar project scopes at the University of Miami Frost School of Music.

Read the UM Frost School of Music case study, click here.

To view a complete list of the 2015 Top Solar Contractors rankings, click here.

AGT wants to remind commercial building and business owners in Florida the most important financial incentive for installing solar energy systems, the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit will be significantly reduced by the end of 2016.  Currently, you can subtract 30% of all solar energy system installation costs directly from your federal income tax payments, making for a quick return on investment.  After 2016, the cost of going solar will rise by at least 20%.  This increase can equal up to $1 Million in additional costs.  The proposal, due diligence, and corporate decision-making process for a solar project takes several months.  Now is the time to begin on the path toward energy independence, financial savings, and environmental sustainability.

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AGT Earns Solar Industry’s Most Prestigious Certification NABCEP

Advanced Green Technologies Vice President Clinton Sockman Earns Solar Industry’s Most Prestigious Certification – The NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional Certification.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Clinton Sockman, Vice President of Advanced Green Technologies (AGT Solar), Solar Contractor, has earned the solar industry’s leading recognition of installation expertise from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP®) and is now a NABCEP Certified PV Installation ProfessionalTM. NABCEP is a highly respected and well-established national certification standard for solar energy professionals. Designation as an NABCEP PV Installation Professional is widely recognized to be the most prestigious and meaningful certification of its kind in the solar industry.

“Earning NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional Certification means a great deal to me,” mentioned Clinton Sockman, AGT Vice President. “More important it means we can provide our customers the added confidence of knowing that their photovoltaic system installations will be completed to the highest standards in the solar industry.”

To obtain Clinton Sockman’s NABCEP certification, he was first required to document important knowledge and experience pertaining to PV system installation. Then he had to pass a rigorous exam that includes the breadth of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to competently design, install and maintain PV systems. The exam assesses a wide knowledge on subjects including electrical and mechanical system design, job site safety, the National Electrical Code, roofing and construction techniques, and system maintenance and troubleshooting.

“One thing you can be assured of when hiring an NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional is that your project won’t be their first,” said Richard Lawrence, Executive Director of NABCEP. “Anyone who makes the considerable effort required to earn NABCEP certification has documented their training and experience as part of the eligibility process. They have also made a very real commitment to upholding. I am delighted to welcome Clint Sockman of Advanced Green Technologies to the ranks of the industry’s leading solar professionals.”

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