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We are a company specializing in energy savings and energy efficiency. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Solar Panel Solutions for Fort Lauderdale Businesses

We install solar panel systems to generate and consume clean energy for your business. Our services can help you save on electricity costs, significantly reduce operating costs and reduce your polluting emissions.

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Commercial Solar Energy Services

Solar Panel Installation

At Advanced Green Technologies, we provide the solution you need to save money, reduce your operating expenses, and have certainty about the energy cost you consume.

We know that the key to keeping a small business afloat is optimizing resources. That’s why we offer Solar Farm Installation Fort Lauderdale to reduce costs within the budget without sacrificing quality.

Benefits for your business

The Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels Installation Fort Lauderdale to supply energy to a company is the perfect solution for adequately optimizing resources, as it helps reduce up to 98% of the cost of energy expenditure.

In addition, the Broward County Commercial Solar Contractors allows you to access the tax benefit of accelerated depreciation for having a clean energy generation system.

Solar Farm

Our Company recognizes our experts in Solar Farm Installation Fort Lauderdale for using any company. They take care of the whole process, from the feasibility study, location possibilities, and design, to the implementation and subsequent maintenance.

The Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels Installation Fort Lauderdale provides a clean, renewable business alternative for independent investors.

Benefits for your company

Solar farms are a form of the renewable energy business that helps considerably reduce the production costs of solar panels because they require very little maintenance after installation.

Thanks to our Commercial Solar Installation Contractors Broward County, you can provide renewable and inexhaustible energy and make the most of your investment.

Solar Carport Installation

At Advanced Green Technologies, we provide the solution you need to save money, reduce your operating expenses, and have certainty about the energy cost you consume.

Advantages for your company

Our Solar Carport Installation Company Broward County, allows you to cover your parking lot professionally to give shade and shelter to your customers’ or employees’ vehicles.

But that’s not all; the Commercial Solar Installation Contractors Broward County also allows you to generate electricity for your business, which means significant savings.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Advanced Green Technologies has trained professionals for Commercial Ev Charging Station Installation Fort Lauderdale. They ensure their work is affordable, durable, and compatible with all-electric cars.

Benefits for your business

Charging stations are an excellent option for businesses because the Commercial Ev Charging Station Installation Fort Lauderdale allows customers and employees to recharge their electric vehicles in their private spaces.

In general, it allows the company to adapt to electric mobility to be ready for the future of transportation in the world.

Why Choose

Advanced Green Technologies?

High Quality

We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards in the industry. That is why we select the best materials for our projects.


We help mitigate your CO2 generation to the planet and allow you to obtain environmental certifications that will make your company responsible.


Our team of experts is certified to work with energy, work at heights, and the highest safety standards to ensure your complete protection.


24/7 access to monitor your solar panels or system. In addition, we maintain constant communication with our engineers to receive the required advice.


We have comprehensive coverage warranties for both equipment and installation service. Installations are designed according to your needs and have a quality guarantee.

Premium Attention

We maintain a long-lasting relationship with our customers to ensure we meet all their expectations and immediate needs.

Real Opinions Of Our Customers

“Reliability and fair prices”
In reviewing several Commercial Solar Installation Contractors Broward County, I have chosen Advanced Green Technologies. The treatment of the Commercial Solar Contractor Fort Lauderdale is personal, with no waiting and no contact with a machine, and the price is within my budget. So far, all advantages!

W A Bentz Construction Inc

“The best care.”
The best service I have ever received from Broward County Commercial Solar Contractors. Nothing like the “usual” ones I have worked with. The Commercial Rooftop Solar Installation Broward County is transparent, and on the phone, they gave me all the help I needed so that there would be a clear understanding of the bills. I am 100% satisfied!

Emma Brown

“Amazing experience.”
I have been a customer for about four months now, and the savings over previous Broward County Commercial Solar Contractors have been very noticeable. The dealings are very transparent, and the information in the commercial area is beneficial and detailed.

Balfour Beatty

Team of Professionals

with experience in the industry

We have an extensive 13-year record of installing hundreds of solar panels in Florida. Throughout this time, we have strived to establish ourselves as the leading Commercial Solar Contractor Fort Lauderdale. We are proud of our footprint in the area and look forward to helping make the community a better place for life. You can check out the capabilities of our Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels Installation Fort Lauderdale team by viewing some of our work at leading South Florida companies such as Advanced Roofing, J.M. Family Enterprises, Resolve Marine, Pompano Train Station, and Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park.

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Locations in Fort Lauderdale

Our Most Popular Solar Energy Projects

United Therapeutics Jacksonville

Beacon Hill Apartments

J.J. Taylor Distributing


Find answers to all your questions about our solar energy

How much can I save if I install solar panels?

Solar panels in the commercial sector allow savings of up to 80% in the electricity bill. The percentage varies depending on the energy consumption of the company, and its electricity tariff, among other aspects.

How do I know how many solar panels my company needs?

The number of solar panels is defined based on the power of the photovoltaic system that your company needs. For this, sizing must be done to determine the size of the photovoltaic system, the number of panels, and how much energy they will generate.

What happens if I generate more electricity than I consume?

In the commercial sector, it is rare to have surpluses since the generation of solar energy is consumed in its entirety due to operating hours. However, if you generate more electricity than you consume, the surplus is injected into the electric grid and counts as a credit balance on your next electric bill.

How soon can I see my return on investment?

The return on investment of a solar energy system in the commercial sector is reflected in an average of 4 to 6 years.

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