Queens Way

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Canada

422 kW Rooftop Solar installation for Great Circle Solar in Ontario, Canada

In efforts to reduce energy expenses and capitalize on the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed inTariff Program; Great Circle Solar Management Corporation, a private investment management company active in acquiring, financing and operating rooftop and ground mount solar systems for its investors, turned to AGT Solar to engineer, procure, and install a portfolio of twenty-one rooftop solar arrays.

Technical Details

  • Project Name:Queens Way
  • Location: Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  • Completion Date: 2014
  • Project Size: 422 kW
  • Panel Type: Trina
  • Racking Type: HB Racking
  • Inverter Type: AE/PVPowere
  • AGT Role: Re-Roof, Design, Procurement and Construction (EPC)


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