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Choosing the Right Solar Installation Contractor in Florida Key Factors to Consider

Do you want to join the Florida Solar Wave? Need to improve the energy efficiency of your business? More and more companies are concerned about sustainability and have changed their operations by adopting renewable energy sources such as solar energy. Since 2021, the installation of photovoltaic systems has become popular in the State, as it allows the maximum use of a renewable resource available throughout the year, the sun’s rays, to generate energy. 

While there are many commercial solar contractor Florida options, the truth is that not all offer the same reliable support or experience. To help you find the best option, here are ten key factors to consider when choosing the best commercial solar installation company. 

Let’s dive in!

Expertise and Experience

One of the most important aspects to consider in your search for a Florida commercial solar installation contractor is that they are a company that has the technical knowledge necessary for the handling and installation of high-tech equipment such as photovoltaic systems.

Please ensure they are Florida-based companies; this is crucial because they will know how to help you select solar solutions resistant to the extreme weather conditions that characterize our State. 

Pro tip: in your search for a commercial solar installation company, look for information about their previous projects and see what their customers have to say on specialized review sites. It will give you an idea of what the company can and cannot do. 

Licensing and Certification

The second thing you should consider is that these are companies licensed to operate within the State; this gives you the confidence and security that their work is performed under strict quality and safety controls since the entities that offer the licenses perform continuous audits of their job.

What are the licenses you need as a commercial solar contractor?

  • NABCEP Certified
  • Solar Contractor 
  • General Contractors 
  • Electrical Contractor 
  • PE Licenses 

Pro tip: One of the licenses not all companies have but are valuable is Roofing Contractors Licenses.

To check that licenses are verified, you can use official sites such as: 

Project Portfolio

When looking for commercial solar contractors in Florida, you need to review the contractor’s portfolio on their website; this allows you to keep track of the projects they have been involved in and see what they specialize in, for example, do they only install solar roofs, or do they offer you other solutions such as carports, solar farms, etc.

Also, you can check if they can handle large-scale projects, the durability of their services, and even the performance of the equipment they install. 

Pro tip: when reviewing the portfolio, look for projects similar to yours to see how they can meet your energy needs, the number of solar panels they used, the types and brands, and how much they reduced the consumption of conventional electricity.

Client Testimonials and References

When looking for any service, it is essential to look for references; social proof is undoubtedly one of the most critical elements: knowing what previous clients have to say about their experience with that Florida Commercial Solar Installation Contractor. 

Testimonials help you know about the quality of the company’s service, how easy and comfortable the installation process was, the start and completion times, and the level of satisfaction. 

Pro tip: you can check genuine reviews on Google.

You can also ask past customers questions such as:

  1. How is communication with the company?
  2. How fast was the installation process?
  3. Do they explain the selection of solar solutions?
  4. Do the work periods fit in with your business hours of operation?
  5. Did they stay within budget and on schedule?
  6. Do they offer customized solutions?

Technology and Equipment

The fifth factor to consider when choosing a commercial solar contractor in Florida is to know the technology and solar equipment they use; it is essential to know what brands they work with, what materials the solar panels are made of, and how new these models are. Knowing this helps you to learn more about the efficiency and durability of the solar energy system. 

A standard photovoltaic system includes: 

  • Structures for solar panels.
  • Solar panels.
  • Charge controller.
  • Battery or accumulator.
  • Inverter.

Within the types of solar panels, there are:

  • Thermal collectors: for heating and hot water.
  • Photovoltaic panels: to generate electricity. 
  • Hybrid solar panels: thermal energy and electricity.

The photovoltaic panels, according to their efficiency, can be:

  • Monocrystalline panels (PERC, Type N, IBC).
  • Polycrystalline panels
  • Amorphous panels 

The newer and more modern the components used by the contractor, the more reliable and accurate the performance of the PV system.

Customization and Design

When looking at Florida Commercial Solar Installation Contractor options, asking at the first consultation if they do custom projects is essential. Remember that every solar project is different, and their work should be completely tailored to your property’s characteristics, energy needs, sustainability goals, and budget.

Getting a tailor-made solar energy solution helps you boost electricity production and save costs because you only pay for the equipment you will need.

Project Timeline and Costs

Commercial solar contractor Florida professionals offer clients a free initial consultation in which they give you an estimate of the total project cost and timeline before starting. In this first meeting, after a technical inspection of the property, they will explain which solar solution best suits your property’s characteristics and energy demands, how much it will reduce traditional energy consumption, and the type of equipment to be used.

In addition, your contractor will also explain what the maintenance costs and frequency of maintenance will be. 

Pro tip: if the contractor you have found offers meager prices compared to the other options, this may be a red flag about the low quality of the equipment or their service. 

Warranties and Maintenance

When looking for a commercial Solar Installation Company, it is essential to ask about the warranties they offer on the PV system equipment and their installation work. 

Some warranties to look for: 

  • Having insurance to protect you and your workers.
  • The contractor performs inspections on safety risks. 
  • Have a safety director. 
  • Follow Occupational Safety and Health Management policies.

Pro tip: Look for a company offering maintenance services for your equipment to monitor its performance effectively.

Permits and Regulations

Before starting your solar energy project, the Commercial Solar Installation Company must complete and submit various forms to the local government to obtain the following permits:

  • Building Permit.
  • Permit to install solar panels on a roof.
  • Solar inspection to connect to the grid and generate power.

Ask your potential contractor how they handle the permit application and if they are in charge of gathering all the documentation to make the process much more comfortable and easier. 

Environmental and Energy Impact

The most crucial point in your search for a Florida Commercial Solar Installation Contractor is to ask how much you will move towards carbon neutrality and how much conventional energy you will stop using. Knowing the percentage of energy your PV system will generate helps you understand how successful your project will be and how viable it is to make your business sustainable. 


That’s all for today! These ten factors can help you find the right contractor for your solar installation project. Remember that it is essential to find a company that will provide you with dedicated professional advice, keep you in communication throughout the process, and tailor their work to your commercial property’s characteristics and energy needs.

Now you’re ready to find an option that aligns with your energy goals!

Join the solar wave!