2019 Solar Trends

Solar Energy Trends for 2019

2019 is looking bright for solar energy in Florida

Solar has evolved from being good for the bottom line to being the right thing to do as we gain a deeper understanding of climate change and feel its impact on our daily lives. The difference in climate is helping to drive consumers’ buying patterns, as in the case of United Therapeutics. Advanced Green Technologies was chosen to install five solar carports for United Therapeutics at the Mayo Clinic East in Jacksonville, Florida. The new solar carports can provide up to 50% of the total energy needed to power the facility. As a bioengineering company working to save lives, their move toward becoming a zero-energy business is simple: “We have no business saving lives if we are killing the world.” We are proud to be a part of this. (read more…)

Solar Incentives

With tariffs on Chinese solar panels and solar tax incentives winding down from 30% to 10% by 2022, we see a negative financial impact on the industry as a whole, but the demand for renewable energy will continue to be strong in the next few years. One way business owners are taking advantage of solar is through joint projects that combine both a new cool roof and solar system. By combining two projects into one, we can give our customers a discounted rate, making solar a substantial investment in the Sunshine State.

Solar Technology

While technology in solar panels has stabilized, we see real innovation in racking design and how we build and engineer panels, driving cost and efficiency. Adaptation will also drive demand. Recent legislation requiring condominiums to give access to charging stations for electric vehicles is expanding the business beyond commercial carports. With a strong ROI, positive marketing opportunities, and helping fight climate change, solar isn’t just a feel-good story – it makes sense for many businesses.

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