Raymour and Flanigan

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

1.1 Megawatt Solar Array Installation for Raymour and Flanigan Furniture

Summer 2012 – Nautilus Solar, an Independent Power Producer, engaged Advanced Green Technologies to provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for a 1.1 Megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system located at the Raymour and Flanigan distribution center in Gibbstown, New Jersey.

This project faced a couple of unique challenges prior to installing the solar PV system because of the furniture store’s 374,000 sq.ft. standing seam metal roof. The first challenge was identifying a racking system that would overcome the roof’s northeast sloping roof seams, and provide a true south position for the solar panels. The second challenge, after identifying a racking system, was how to attach it to the standing seam roof without voiding its pre-existing manufacturer’s warranty. After thorough collaboration among AGT’s design team and some creative thinking, AGT was able to create a new and unique solution for the American solar market that solved both challenges.

Finding the Solution

Through the use of a combination of products, AGT was able to solve both challenges facing this project. AGT married the Advanced Racking Solutions’ VICERACK system, designed for low pitch, standing seam metal roof profiles, and 20,000 S-5-E Mini clamps to attach 4,680 panels to the roof. With this solution from AGT, the PV system was attached with a southern exposure, achieve load requirements and preserve the roofing system’s manufacturer’s warranty, thus making it at completion the first solar project in the United States to use both products as a solution for metal seam roof installations.

Project Result

The combined VICERACK and S-5-E Mini clamp solution allowed the PV system to be positioned true south across the northeast sloping roof seams at a 20 degree modular tilt while maintaining the roofs pre-existing manufacturer’s warranty. With this distinctive solution from AGT, the PV system will generate an additional 5.67% more in solar energy production annually compared to a system going with the seams. Additionally, mechanical installation time was reduced significantly due to the VICERACK’s pre-assembled pieces and S-5!’s easy to install clamping technology. The result, 1.1MW installed in 2 months time with zero safety incidences. With the increase in solar energy production and the decrease in mechanical installation time, all parties involved in the project noticed a positive impact to their bottom line.


Technical Details

  • Project Name: Raymour and Flanigan
  • Location: Gibbstown, New Jersey
  • Completion Date: 2012
  • Project Size: 1.1 MW
  • Racking Type: HB Solar and S!-5
  • Roof Type: Standing Seam
  • AGT Role: Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

“Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC is pleased to recommend Advanced Green Technologies as an honest, reliable, problem-solving solar EPC.”



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