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COSTEX Corporation Solar Roof Miami

Advanced Green Technologies Installs 2nd Largest Solar Roof in Miami-Dade County

When building their new headquarters in Doral, Florida, Costex Tractor Parts (CTP), which sells replacement parts for heavy machinery, made the commitment to going green from the beginning of their design process. They now have South Florida’s second-largest solar roof, with nearly 4,000 panels delivering 1.6 megawatts of green energy. Advanced Roofing, Inc. (ARI) and Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) partnered with Link Construction General Contractors to work together on this new construction that included both roofing and solar energy.

CTP’s solar roof provides 90 to 100 percent of the energy needed for the entire building, producing 2,240,000 MWh/year, with an annual energy savings of $207,008. The company will see a return on investment in six years or less.

Roofing and Solar Scope of Work

AGT was asked to deliver an energy asset to last 30 years, incorporating long-term ownership and a strong financial return. The system was designed to sustain high winds to take on Florida’s hurricane season each year. Utilizing Canadian Solar 395W and 400W panels on a lightweight concrete 135 mil Carlisle PVC Kee roof system, the team wrapped the solar racking system, skylights, safety rails with lightweight concrete. All were value-engineered to higher performance PVC KEE membranes, with the walls fully encapsulated in membrane with 135 mil membrane. The metals used were stainless steel versus galvanized.

The selection process of these materials was designed to ensure the long-term success of this roofing system for well beyond the 25-year life span. Additional features such as daylighting and skylights were also integrated into the rooftop design.

Overcoming Challenges

The team faced several challenges, including permitting. The team worked with Miami-Dade County to approve the permit application in advance of the county adopting a new code that would delay the process.

FPL works closely with customers and contractors to ensure safe, efficient grid interconnections for renewable generation, such as solar panels. The FPL grid interconnection study for CTP required upgrades, which incurred a slight delay. The team also worked with module and racking manufacturers to communicate with AHJ on engineer appropriate bolted connections.

In addition to these procedural challenges, the owner required further mechanical attachments despite assurances from structural engineers on the efficiency of the system. The roof deck also had an embedded lighting conduit and mechanical attachments that had to be relocated.

Permitting delays and redesigns to satisfy wind uplift caused a delay in the project being completed on time.

Safety is Our First Priority

To ensure the safety of our team and the Costex employees, a safety rail was installed on the leading edge to adhere to OSHA guidelines, and flagging was used. No safety infractions were incurred during the project.

A Win-Win Solution

CTP now has a building that is not only operationally efficient, with all of its resources under one roof, but one that is making a difference towards environmental progress. The company serves as a beacon to other South Florida businesses to join the solar energy movement.  It is a prime example of how companies can utilize the Solar ITC Tax Credit Extension to make a difference towards environmental progress. In addition to the financial and environmental benefits are the increased employee engagement and positive marketing that comes from operating as a socially responsible business with a purpose. This investment has an ROI that can’t be beaten.

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