Beacon Hill Apartments

Beacon Hill Apartments

Apartment complex located in Orlando receives new metal roofs and solar arrays

Beacon Hill Apartments, located in Orlando, Florida, selected Advanced Roofing, Inc. (ARI) and Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) to re-roof and integrate solar arrays on 24 two-story apartment buildings and one clubhouse. Advanced was chosen because of its ability to perform both roofing and solar energy scopes of work.

The shingle roofs throughout the apartment complex were at the end of their life-cycles and in need of regular repairs as they suffered from leaks following multiple active hurricane seasons. The owners wanted to stop the leaks and install a system that would enhance the property’s curb appeal, provide durability from Central Florida’s severe weather and provide the ability to integrate a solar array without penetrating the roof surface.


ARI installed a Petersen Tite-Loc Plus standing seam metal roof system to provide added protection against storms and high-wind while enhancing curb appeal. ARI removed the roof’s existing shingles using tear-off shovels, spud bars, and scrapers. The debris was placed in trash boxes and hoisted down from the sloped roof with a forklift. The standing seam metal roof panels were then fabricated on-site and installed by ARI’s 10-man crew on time and without safety issues.

AGT provided engineering, procurement and construction services on this solar project. The team used S-5 clamps and Quickmount solar panel racking systems to mechanically attach the solar panels to the new standing seam metal roof structure. This system was engineered in accordance with local wind speed calculations, ASCE‐ 10 guidelines, and local building code. AGT then installed (1,353) Hanwha Q‐PEAK L‐G5.3 390W solar modules and 48 Solar Edge inverters. This efficient and effective 470kW solar array can produce 562,649 kWh, which has the equivalent of powering 47 homes, with $57,671 in yearly savings.

Overcoming Challenges

The electrical systems at Beacon Hill Apartments were designed in a way that did not allow for the owners’ goal of integrating solar into the buildings. To remedy this, AGT designed a system that changed the metering structure from per unit metering to per building metering so solar could be integrated to offset a substantial portion of the utility bills.


Safety is the #1 priority for both ARI and AGT. To secure team members, the sloped roofs required 100% tie-off safety lines, so butterfly clamps were placed into the existing wood deck for safety lines. Guardian anchors were also placed on standing seams, along with scissor lifts, once the panels were installed.

Project Outcome

AGT is proud to have completed the project on time and on budget to the client’s satisfaction without safety issues. Providing renewable energy that not only saves clients money but also benefits our planet is the most rewarding aspect of any project, especially a large apartment complex offering affordable housing options to the residents of Orlando.

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