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Commercial solar energy solutions in Fort Myers

We help you achieve your company’s renewable goals with solar panel installations, maintenance, and repair services for your commercial property, business, school, or government entity in Southwest Florida.

Our Commercial Solar Contractor Fort Myers, has extensive experience providing solar roofing, carports, ground mounting, and electric vehicle charging.

Purpose, experience, quality, and guaranteed results.

Where are we located?

Our commercial solar panel contractor is at 14231 Jetport Rd, Unit 5, Fort Myers, FL 33913. Our office building and warehouse are located near the I-275 freeway. They are staffed with a team of workers ready to support your company’s capabilities by providing solar panel installation services in Lee County.

Generate and consume your clean energy!


Commercial Solar Services

Our Commercial Solar Installation Contractors Lee County provide services that save you money, help the environment and increase the value of your property. We provide you with exceptional service at an affordable price.

Rooftop Solar Installations

Advanced Green Technologies is an expert in providing Commercial Rooftop energy solutions. Our experts are committed to clean energy production and are dedicated to performing Solar Panels Installation Fort Myers.

Installation Process

Our team of experts will walk you through every stage of your Commercial Rooftop project. They will perform an audit of the depth of your roofs and structures and a feasibility study to provide you with a customized offer detailing an estimate of energy production and annual yield. Thanks to our Solar Panels Installation Fort Myers you can reduce energy costs by almost 50%. In addition, you will be provided with a service support team to maintain your solar panels.

Solar Farm

Our specialists at Solar Farm Installation Fort Myers install a group of solar panels communally for the shared use of the energy they produce. So, we are your best choice if you want a solar farm.

Installation Process

Advanced Green Technologies is one of the Lee County Commercial Solar Contractors engaged in processing and obtaining all the administrative authorizations you need for your solar farm. We carry out the whole installation process.
The Lee County Commercial Solar Contractors perform all the corresponding engineering tasks, including obtaining permits, project execution, environmental studies, and technical and economic feasibility studies. We care for everything you need to get your fully legalized solar farm up and to run.

Solar Carport Installation

We are a Solar Carport Installation Company Lee County that specializes in installing solar carports for businesses interested in harvesting the solar energy generally wasted on asphalt parking lots.

Installation Process

Our experts’ installation of solar carport systems covers various aspects such as design, permitting, inspections, and labor to ensure the best results.

Benefits For Your Company

Installing solar carports is a wise investment that is both functional and beneficial because it helps reduce your company’s electricity costs and allows you to have more excellent parking areas.
In addition, thanks to Solar Carport Installation Company Lee County, you can take advantage of large spaces without covering the surrounding land and improve your ability to generate more energy.

Ev Charging Station Installation

We help you provide an environmentally friendly vehicle charging station system. This way, you help vehicles recharge with clean energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic, wind, or hydroelectric).

Installation Process

Our service includes from the Commercial Ev Charging Station Installation Fort Myers to the management and monetization of the recharge,

Benefits For Your Company

Providing customers with a safe, easy-to-use fast charging station is an excellent business option.
Because the Commercial Ev Charging Station Installation Fort Myers provides an on-site solution for electric vehicle owners, having an intelligent multi-station power management system always ensures efficient energy consumption.

Why Choose

Advanced Green Technologies?

High-Quality Services

Our Commercial Solar Contractor Fort Myers, meets the strictest quality standards in their power system installation process. That’s why they are recognized for their reliability and performance in the field.

Commitment to Sustainability

Advanced Green Technologies is committed to providing clean energy solutions. That is why it ensures that all its products meet the highest environmental protection and corporate social responsibility standards.

Customer service

The contractor works to maintain a long-lasting relationship with customers, always meeting their expectations and providing solutions to their needs. Our customer support is always ready to provide full support to customers and consumers anywhere in the world.

Attention to detail

Our team of experts carries out every step of the installation process with the utmost care to ensure that each material is ideally placed for an excellent result—proof of how the contractor can deliver perfect jobs without the smallest detail.

Testimonials From Our Clients

“I decided to install solar panels more than four years ago in my business, as I had the desire and conviction to produce energy sustainably. So I looked for Commercial Solar Installation Contractors Lee County to see how to make it happen. Finally, I found Advanced Green Technology, and everything flowed quickly, thanks to their seriousness. Thank you very much!”

Michael Jones

“Best define Advanced Green Technology’s work. Our company has spent months in contact with commercial solar installation contractors Lee County, and we decided to go with them. The service on our construction projects has been exceptional and backs up the warranty with which we deliver each of our buildings.”

Tri-Town Construction, LLC

“Advanced Green Technology is one of the Lee County Commercial Solar Contractors where you can work peacefully. Over the years of working with them, I have always felt at ease knowing that I have an expert water heating partner. And the systems and equipment we install meet the expectations and needs of my customers, as well as their after-sales service that is always willing to solve any inconvenience.”

Cornerstone Builders

Team and Expertise

Contractors are highly trained and experienced

Training Certifications

Throughout history, we have achieved certifications demonstrating our excellent Solar Panel work. We continue to train to give our customers a quality service and remain leaders in Commercial Rooftop Solar Installation Lee County.

Industry Experience

Advanced Green Technologies has over 15 years committed to sustainable energy installing and working in the solar panel industry. It has established itself as the premier Commercial Solar Contractor Fort Myers. We are proud of our position and continue to work to leave a great legacy.

Find Us At Our Locations

Our team is available to provide services in Fort Myers and surrounding areas to make it easy for you to reach us – Don’t hesitate to visit us!

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We answer your questions about our Solar Panels Installation services in Fort Myers.

Why trust Advanced Green Technologies?

We are renewable energy engineers with over 15 years of experience in the industry and with the best renewable material suppliers.

Will I still pay for electricity if I install solar panels?

You can pay nothing between what is consumed directly and the compensation of surplus discharged to the network. You will continue to pay for the power you have contracted with your electricity supplier. However, Advanced Green Technologies monitors your consumption, reducing your bill’s fixed costs.

How do you start up a solar panel installation?

We handle everything: paperwork, permits, works, commissioning, installation delivery, working, and legalization.

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