J.J. Taylor Distributing

J.J. Taylor Distributing

Following Hurricane Irma Damages, AGT Re-Installs Rooftop Solar Array for J.J. Taylor Distributing

J.J. Taylor Distributing Florida, Inc., a leading beer distributor in Florida that distributes the products of over 70 suppliers, was in need of a new solar roof shortly after the system installed by another contractor failed during Hurricane Irma. The hurricane damaged the solar arrays which needed to be replaced, causing J.J. Taylor a major loss in revenue due to the system’s failure during the storm.  The company chose Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) to replace the roofing system due to its proven background in commercial roofing systems and expertise installing solar arrays.

Scope of Work

AGT’s crew of 10 re-installed a 1,083.285 kW solar system on the massive 123,00-square-foot, 35-feet high roof using OMG PowerGrips commercial roof mount system designed to secure Panel Claw HD 5 solar racks. The scope of work also included:
  • Installing a PanelClaw solar racking system
  • Installing 29 EA new high-efficiency SMA inverters
  • Installing 1,083.285 Watts of new Hanwha Solar Modules
  • Installing an SMA data monitoring system
  • Installing AC electrical work in existing infrastructure

Overcoming Challenges

In addition to the size of the rooftop, the high standards set forth at the start of the project posed a challenge to getting the system completed with a quick turnaround. The owner required installation to meet FM Global standards ensuring the highest levels of safety and resilience. The AGT team took into consideration JJ Taylor’s loss prevention objectives at the project’s conception and were able to deliver a quality solar product to meet their needs and expectations. Another challenge the team faced was Mother Nature. The bulk of this project took place in the summer, which in Florida, poses its own unique challenges with high temperatures and frequent and persistent rain. To mitigate this issue, the field staff created covered workstations on the roof to combat the heat. They also pre-assembled most of the materials on the ground and lifted them to the roof to avoid the intense heat emanating from the roof.


Safety is always the top priority for AGT. To ensure a safe workspace for its team and the client, AGT installed flagging around the building perimeter. Standard Personal Protective Equipment was also utilized to protect against health and safety risks, and fall protection standards were enforced, resulting in a secure worksite with zero injuries.


The nearly six-month solar rooftop installation at J.J. Taylor Distributing Florida wrapped in the fall of 2018. The AGT team felt proud to turn on the system knowing the impact it will have not only on the client and their bottom line but on our environment.  
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