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Deep roofing and construction heritage helps Advanced to be the top solar roofing contractor for commercial properties in Florida.

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) is a sister company to Advanced Roofing, Inc., a premier commercial roofing contractor and a founding member of RoofConnect, making AGT part of a national network of top-tier roofing organizations in North America. This deep commercial roofing knowledge and experience allows AGT to offer unparalleled rooftop solar energy solutions that distinguish it from traditional solar contractors that do not have this depth of experience. To date, AGT has completed more than 100 Megawatts of rooftop solar energy solutions for clients throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Why is this roofing knowledge and experience important? 80% of solar arrays are built on the roof, making it crucial to have an installer that understands your roofing system. To ensure a successful rooftop solar installation, one must first, carefully evaluate and test the roofing system to see if solar will work on it. This can only be properly accomplished by a professional roofing contractor that is fully engaged in understanding retrofitting rooftops with solar photovoltaic systems.

AGT reminds potential system owners that installing a rooftop PV system can present several issues one should keep in mind including; voiding pre-existing roof system warranties and needing to satisfy rooftop and structural load requirements.

Understanding Rooftop Warranties

Without proper installation and maintenance, roofing material, and manufacturer warranties may be voided upon installation of a solar system. AGT works closely with all major roofing suppliers and manufacturers to make certain that your rooftop solar PV system will not jeopardize the existing roof warranty or damage the integrity of the rooftop.

Understanding Rooftop Load Requirements

Every roof has a load capacity. Additional weight from a solar PV system can often exceed the capacity of many roof designs. AGT is experienced in designing lightweight systems that reduce the stress on a roof while delivering the energy performance desired. Our knowledge of roof systems is incorporated into every system we design and benefits every roof we install on.

AGT Understands Your Rooftop

AGT is the established authority in engineering solutions to address the concerns and challenges faced by building owners and developers in rooftop solar PV systems.

Nationally Recognized For Rooftop Solar Expertise

AGT Solar was recognized in 2012 – 2016 by Solar Power World Magazine as a top Solar Energy Contractor in North America. In addition, GAF, North America’s Largest Roofing Materials Manufacturer, recognized AGT for its rooftop solar expertise in their article, titled “6 Ways to Avoid Damaging Roofs When Installing Solar Panels”, published in March 2013 on Solar Power World Online. A must read before installing a rooftop system. (read here)

AGT Protects Your Roof

As a client, you benefit from AGT Solar’s roofing knowledge and experience, removing the risk associated with rooftop installations. Let us guide you in designing a rooftop solar energy system that will maintain your existing roof warranty, meet load requirements, and satisfy your energy needs.

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