Commercial Solar Contractors Florida


    Robert Rouse

    Vice President

    “Advanced Roofing / Advanced Green Technologies completed an extensive roofing and solar project on our 30,000 square foot facility in St. Petersburg. They did an outstanding job and their attention to detail was easily noticeable.”

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    Chris Castro


    “I am writing an endorsement for Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) for their exemplary performance at Camillus House Energy Retrofit project with IDEAS for Us. We highly recommend AGT as a diversified solar energy contractor capable of installing multiple types of renewable energy solutions, big and small.”

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    James M. Rice


    “Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC (Nautilus) is pleased to recommend Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) as an honest, reliable, problem-solving solar EPC.

    As of this writing, AGT has functioned as EPC for us for a total of 4.7 megawatts (MW) on eight commercial rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Ontario, Canada and the United States.”

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    Paul McLaughlin

    Principal Owner

    “E&E McLaughlin is pleased to recommend Advanced Green Technologies (AGT Solar). AGT Solar was hired to design, procure, and construct five solar PV systems on buildings we own in Ontario, Canada; totaling 2.56 megawatts, under the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Feed-in-Tariff (“FIT”) program in 2011.”

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    Antoinette Kelly

    Business Administrator / Board Secretary

    “The Cresskill Board of Education strongly recommends the work of Advanced Green Technologies (AGT). AGT was hired to design and construct a 513 kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic (PV) array on the roof of the Middle and High School Buildings in Cresskill, New Jersey.

    AGT completed the project on time and on budget, with no safety incidents. The installed solar system is operating as planned, and producing clean energy for our schools. Like all construction projects, ours had its challenges.”

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    Michael Brigham

    President Solar Share

    “The construction of these projects was very trouble-free and when a few inevitable issues arose, the owners and staff at AGT were very reasonable and accommodating to work with and solutions were developed collaboratively. Overall we are very satisfied with AGT, finding them to be professional, prompt, pleasant to work with, the installation was of high quality and project completion was on time.”

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    Scott McLorie

    Drector of Operations

    “We have worked with AGT Solar since 2009 and are confident in their work. We have been happy with the results, as have our clients. The proposals that AGT Solar provide to us are complete, accurate and transparent; enabling us easily work with the information when bidding on projects. This is a key component to us becoming one of the largest solar developers under the Ontario Power Authorities Feed-in Tariff program.”

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    Ron Mantay

    VP Engineering and Construction

    PowerStream is pleased to provide this letter of reference for Advanced Green Technologies (AGT Solar). AGT Solar was hired as turn-key EPC contractor in early 2012 to design and build a 75 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system at the East Bayfield Community Centre, in Barrie, Ontario. AGT Solar demonstrated excellent schedule integrity with this project, and declared commercial operation one month earlier than expected. Further, there were no safety incidents, there was minimal disruption to East Bayfield Community Centre staff, and there were no unwelcome surprises for us.”

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    John Dibiase

    General Manager

    Syscom Tech is pleased to recommend Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) as a professional and problem-solving commercial solar contractor. We hired AGT in 2011 to design, procure, and install a 156-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Moorestown, New Jersey.”

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    Andrew Knapp

    Managing Director

    “Bright Power would like to extend a personal note of appreciation for the work that you and your team have done on the installation of our rooftop solar portfolio in Ontario. To date, you have installed over two megawatts of solar panels across four commercial buildings in the province, and have made it possible for us to rank in the top three solar developers in the province with respect to feed-in tariff projects online.”

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